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Table 10 Experimental feeding program

From: Impact of dietary Mannan-oligosaccharide and β-Glucan supplementation on growth, histopathology, E-coli colonization and hepatic transcripts of TNF-α and NF- ϰB of broiler challenged with E. coli O78

Physical compositionBasal diet (0–3) weeksBasal diet (3–6) weeks
Yellow corn5561.35
Soybean meal 48%3230.6
Corn gluten 62%4.420
Sunflower oil4.44.4
Dicalcium phosphate1.851.4
Lime stone1.251.3
Choline 60%0.220.17
Common salt0.40.4
Chemical composition %
ME Kcal/kg3218.53229.7
Crude protein23.0220.03
Available phosphorus0.450.35
Methionine + cysteine0.9.72
Choline1300 mg/1 kg1000 mg/1 kg
  1. a The used premix (Multivita Co.) composed of retinol 12,000,000 IU, cholecalciferol 2,200,000 IU, tocopherol 10,000 mg, menadione 2000 mg, thiamin 1000 mg, riboflavin 5000 mg, pyridoxal 1500 mg, cobalamin 10 mg, Niacin 30,000 mg, Biotin 50 mg, Folic acid 1000 mg, Pantothenic acid 10,000 mg, Iron 30,000 mg, Manganese 60,000 mg, Copper 4000 mg, Zinc 50,000 mg, Iodine 1000 mg, Cobalt 100 mg, Selenium 100 mg, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) carrier to 3000 g