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Fig. 1

From: Effects of stanozolol on normal and IL-1β-stimulated equine chondrocytes in vitro

Fig. 1

Effects of stanozolol on (a) ADAMTS4, (b) IL-6, (c) COX-2, (d) MMP-13 and (e) MMP-1 gene expression in normal and IL-1β-treated equine articular chondrocytes. Real-time-PCR analysis of the above genes mRNA in monolayer cultures exposed to media, IL-1β, IL-1β + stanozolol and stanozolol. GAPDH was used as the housekeeping gene and data are represented as relative expression using the 2–ΔΔCT method. Data were evaluated using a general linear model with Dunnet’s comparisons against the control group and pairwise comparisons with Bonferroni’s adjustment (n = 7, three technical replicates per treatment group)

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