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Table 8 Histopathological assessment of dietary agrimos® supplementation on E. coli challenged broiler chicken ((n = 10)

From: Impact of dietary Mannan-oligosaccharide and β-Glucan supplementation on growth, histopathology, E-coli colonization and hepatic transcripts of TNF-α and NF- ϰB of broiler challenged with E. coli O78

LesionsInfected groupAgrimos non-infected groupAgrimos infected group
At 15 daysAt 35 daysAt 15 daysAt 35 daysAt 15 daysAt 35 days
Sub capsular heterophilic aggregation Normal NormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal Normal
Sub and interstitial edema  ++ 
Interstitial hemorrhages  + 
Interstitial connective tissue proliferation   
Epithelial folding and lobulation+   
Epithelial hyperplasia+ + ++ 
Epithelial degeneration and/or necrosis+ + + 
Reduction in size and numbers of follicles   
Follicular atrophy or cortical atrophy +++
Follicular cyst and necrosis  + 
Lymphocytic depletion  + 
Appearance of holes in medulla+++ 
Reticular cells proliferation   
Cortical necrosis   
Apoptotic bodies and/or karyorhexis+  
Hyalinization and thrombosis of blood vessels   
  1. +++ Sever ++ Moderate + Mild B = Bursa T = Thymus S=Spleen