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Fig. 6

From: Cellular effects of a turmeric root and rosemary leaf extract on canine neoplastic cell lines

Fig. 6

Changes in the protein expression levels of SAPK/JNK pathway in turmeric and rosemary-treated cells. C2, CMT-12 and D17 cell lines were harvested and lysed after 12 h or 24 h treatment with DMSO vehicle control, or 6.3 μg mL−1 Turmeric extract (TE) alone, or 6.3 μg mL−1 Rosemary extract (RE) alone, or combination of 3.1 μg mL−1 each of TE + RE. Expression level of Thr183/Tyr185 phosphorylated-SAPK/JNK (p46/p54) and total SAPK/JNK were determined by Western blot analysis. Each blot is a representative of three independent experiments. Densitometry values represent a ratio of phosphorylated protein to total protein and normalized to DMSO vehicle control of the same time point (mean of three separate experiments). Changes in densitometry compared to DMSO control with significance of p < 0.05 represented by *. β-Actin was used as a loading control for every blot to ensure even loading of samples

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