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Fig. 5

From: Cellular effects of a turmeric root and rosemary leaf extract on canine neoplastic cell lines

Fig. 5

Effect of rosemary extract on intracellular accumulation of curcumin in canine tumor cell lines. The C2 (a), CMT-12 (b), and D17 (c) cell lines were treated with the indicated concentration of extracts for 24 h and then cellular accumulation of curcumin was quantified by flow cytometry. Y-axis values represent the fold change in geometric mean fluorescence (GMF) of all cells compared to DMSO control. Reported data are expressed as mean ± standard deviation of 4 independent replicates. Within each cell line, means with different letters are significantly different from each other (p < 0.0001). d Representative histogram of emission intensity in CMT-12 cell line after 24 h treatment with DMSO, 3.1 μg mL−1 TE alone, 3.1 μg mL−1 RE alone, or 3.1 μg mL−1 TE + RE combination is shown

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