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Fig. 3

From: Activity of the DNA minor groove cross-linking agent SG2000 (SJG-136) against canine tumours

Fig. 3

a. Immunofluorescence detection of γH2AX phosphorylation in the canine melanoma CMeC-1 cell line following a 1 h treatment with 10 nM SG2000 and up to 48 h of post-incubation in drug-free medium. Immunofluorescence detection of phosphorylated H2AX (γH2AX) appears as green foci. Cellular DNA was counter-stained red with propidium iodide. Representative cells are shown x 63 magnification. b. SG2000-induced γH2AX foci/cell in the CMeC-1 canine melanoma cell line following a 1 h treatment with SG2000. Values represent the mean number of γH2AX foci/cell (50 cells per experiment) ± SEM, from three independent experiments. Results were normalised with the mean γH2AX foci/cell of untreated control cells

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