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Table 3 Rating of the importance of learning objectives: comparison between the ECVN and ESVN group; 8 learning objectives were rated significantly different

From: Development of learning objectives for neurology in a veterinary curriculum: part I: undergraduates

  Mean ECVN Mean ESVN P-value
Anatomy and Physiology    
Understand the microscopic anatomy of the nervous system 1.82 1.56 0.0145
Understand the functional neuroanatomy of the central nervous system 2.25 2.04 0.0124
Understand the functional neuroanatomy of the autonomic nervous system 2.09 1.89 0.0027
Clinical Methodology    
> Laboratory    
Interpret hematological, serum chemistry and urinalysis results 2.63 2.52 0.035
> CSF    
Perform cistern magna collection of CSF in the dog and cat 1.55 1.32 0.0398
> EMG    
Interpret EMG and nerve conduction testing in the dog and cat. 1.38 1.63 0.005
> Practical    
Interpret radiographs of the skull 2.08 2.28 0.0328
Understand hematological cytological interpretation 2.38 2.13 0.027
  1. Values in boldface have a higher mean rating.