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Figure 3

From: Prevalence of tuberculosis in pigs slaughtered at two abattoirs in Ethiopia and molecular characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosisisolated from tuberculous-like lesions in pigs

Figure 3

Diagrammatic representation of spoligotype patterns of three clusters of five isolates of M. tuberculosis from five pigs slaughtered in central Ethiopia. The five M. tuberculosis isolates were obtained from TB-compatible tissue lesions of slaughter pigs. These five isolates showed three distinct spoligotype patterns. They were SIT1088 (2 isolates), SIT1195 (one isolate), while two isolates (New) presented identical patterns which had not been reported to the soligotype database before. SIT = Spoligo-International-Typing number according to the SpolDB4/ SITVIT databases [26, 27].

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